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collection a: muñecas quitapena

collection a stands for the colorful colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala.

Boasting cobblestone streets, delightful cafes with hidden indoor courtyards, and volcanoes looming in the distance, Antigua is considered the birthplace of Mayan civilization.

Weaving is one of the primary Maya art forms. Using techniques passed down from mother to daughter for over two thousand years, Maya women tell stories of community, religion, history and ethnic identity through their textiles with symbolic colors and designs.

A popular myth at the core of the Mayan’s textile history is one of its most beloved creations, the Worry Doll.

Muñecas quitapena are little pieces of magic inspired by the Mayan tale of Princess Ixmucane, the daughter of the sun god.

Legend says, he granted Ixmucane the gift of solving any problem her people could worry about. Over time, Mayans started making dolls in Ixmucane’s honor. They shared their worries with these dolls in hopes that she would listen and solve their problems.

Handcrafted in Guatemala, these dolls are dressed in traditional Mayan costume, the Huipil, and are crafted from sticks, paper, and woven fabric scraps. Each artisan weaves her textiles, and this into the doll’s garments. The end result is a small doll to tell your troubles to that not only brings comfort, but also expresses its creator’s cultural identity and artistic skill.